My Experience With Reading Travel Reviews to Book My Hotel

In anticipation of an upcoming trip to Auckland, New Zealand (NZ) I was on the search for accommodation. With so many options to choose from – bed & breakfast, motels, lodges, serviced apartments and hotels (to name a few) – I eventually decided to choose Auckland hotel accommodation. Now my issue went from: What kind … [Read more…]

Writing a Dive Travel Review That is Worth Viewing

This is an article to help people understand the components of a good ‘review’ and the basics in writing a review that has value to the reader. There are four basic areas that every review should include; 1) identify what is being reviewed, 2) explain some details on things that will most likely stay the … [Read more…]

Travel Reviews

Beijing may not be as stylish as Shanghai but if China has a melting pot, this is it. Nearly every culture within China and most from outside of this quickly modernising country can be found on Beijing’s teeming, fascinating and never boring streets. The city of Beijing is all about contrasts; flea markets and ancient … [Read more…]

Future Prosperity Travel Review – Can Future Prosperity Travel Succeed in the United States?

Future Prosperity Travel originated in the United Kingdom and has now landed in America. It gives individuals the opportunity to run a web-based business directly from their home, on a full-time or part-time basis. The concept is to market a member’s vacation club that offers valuable travel services and lifestyle adventures around the world. Membership … [Read more…]

Luxury Travel Reviews – How Do We Write Them?

We have traveled the world (over 55 countries) and visited countless cities in the pursuit of finding bombastic luxury hotels, resorts and restaurants. We do this so that we can write real independent and unbiased travel reviews. So, what do we look for? The top things we take into consideration are: 1. Have our requests … [Read more…]

Finding Online Travel Reviews For New Zealand

Kelly was determined to find the nicest little cheap place to stay that she could find on her trip to the South Island of New Zealand. She read some online travel reviews for New Zealand and found this cool wee place that looked perfect. Cheap as chips, and pretty too. She thought she’d done well, … [Read more…]

Travel Reviews – Read Them to Make Your Trip Perfect

If you want to visit a place that you have never visited before and you don’t have much information about that place either then you should search the net for travel websites. In travel websites you will find splendid travel reviews about different places across the globe. These travel websites hire professional travel reviewers to … [Read more…]

Travel Reviews – How & Why to Trust Them

The notion that all user-based travel reviews are untrustworthy is not a new one. Look at any of the big names,, or – what questions have they all faced? How can you stop the travel companies reviewing themselves? How can you prevent competitors posting bad reviews about travel companies? How do you … [Read more…]